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Trinity is a generous and caring United Methodist Church in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. We live out a faith in our God who created us, Christ who redeems us and the Holy Spirit who moves among us. We live this out by inviting all persons our ministry touches to take the next step of their faith journey: to explore becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ – and by nurturing all disciples in faith.

As a faith community we grow into practicing our faith together through the spiritual disciplines of hospitality, generosity, worship, prayer, study and many different ways to serve. Our ministries reflect the practice of these disciplines. We believe these practices lead us to grow in faith and change lives each day by the grace, power and love of God.

All people, from every walk of life,  are welcome to be part of our ministries. You don't need to have your faith figured out to be part of our ministries. We welcome questions about faith and how we live out faith together in today's world.

We are glad to get acquainted with you and we invite you to get acquainted with us by exploring our website. We have many ways to celebrate God’s blessings. Join us to take a next step on your faith journey!