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Scholarships are awards given to graduating high school seniors, seniors who have completed their high school equivalence, currently enrolled full-time college undergraduates, or members of the congregation who plan to use the funds for continuing education.



Applicants eligible for Trinity Scholarships are:

  • A current member of 
Trinity Church — United Methodist (TCUM).
  • Have demonstrated active participation 
in church activities/service.
  • Qualified applicants include:
    • Graduating high school seniors 
who have completed high school or 
an alternative high school equivalence 
    • Members of the congregation who request 
the funds for continuing education, prioritizing education that will strengthen the ministry of our church
    • Undergraduate currently enrolled 
in college or technical college

All recipients must be endorsed by their peers, 
family, and spiritual leaders as a person possessing 
a profound measure of character, commitment to service 
to church and community, and demonstrate active Christian faith and practice. 

How to Apply
  • Complete an online application form.
  • Write an essay or a personal letter 
describing your educational/vocational goals.
  • Provide an account of church 
and community service involvement.
  • Describe any recognitions, honors, or awards received.
  • Provide two letters of recommendation, 
including the Scholarship Reference form.

    (Family members and TCUM pastors are excluded as references.)

For graduating high school students:

  • An official transcript from your high school 
or most recently attended school.
  • Have the above completed materials to the 
Trinity Church office by last Monday of April at noon.
  • Scholarship awards will be announced 
on Graduation Sunday.

For other scholarship applicants:

  • The Scholarship Committee must receive the completed application for funds 30 days before the workshop/class/event/academic term.  Additional questions about scholarship information may be directed to Trinity Church-United Methodist’s office. 
Wisconsin Conference Scholarships

All members of local churches in the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church are also encouraged to apply for scholarships available from the Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation. Learn more about the scholarships offered here.



Scholarship Application