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Thursday Women's Study Group
Thursday Women's Study Group

Category: Bible/Book Studies

Date: October 24, 2019

Time: 1:00 PM

Memorial Room

Note time change for today only 1:00pm rather than 2:00pm. 

Women are invited together to 'refresh and 're-form' the group that has shared Bible and spiritual formation study for a number of years; we would be glad to add more people to the group!  We will begin by reading and discussing a book, The Friendship of Women:  A Spiritual Tradition by Sister Joan Chittister.  In ten very short chapters, the book explores what we can learn from women who appear in scripture and apocryphal writings.  We'll also learn more about how the early church decided what would be included in scripture - and what would not.  Contact Pastor Cherie to get more information.  Sign up on her office door to indicate your participation.  Materials for this study are available at no cost.  Bring a friend to learn more about how each of our different strengths are a gift!